Facebook Page Delete Kaise Kare- How To Delete FB Page?

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If you are searching for Facebook Page Delete Kaise Kare or How to Delete Facebook Page then your search ends here. In this post, I will tell you how you can delete any Facebook page from any device whether it is Mobile or Computer. Deleting a Facebook page is easy. Sometimes we create a dummy page and want to delete but we don’t find the correct option to delete it permanently or deactivate it.

In this post, I will tell you how you can deactivate your Facebook page for some time and activate it when needed or delete it permanently. I guarantee after reading this full post you will definitely know the exact process of deleting a Facebook page from any device. Rather than searching every time Facebook Page Delete kaise kare you can save this page to bookmark. So you will find this process easily if you forget any steps.

Facebook Page Delete Kaise Kare?

To delete any Facebook page you must be the admin of that page. If you are an admin then follow these steps:

For Mobile device

To know about Facebook Page Delete Kaise Kare follow these simple steps. I am not jumping any steps for your better understanding and also attaching all screenshots to explain better.

1. Open Facebook App or Open Facebook in any browser.

2. Click on the menu from the bottom right corner.

Facebook Home Menu

3. Click on drop-down menu. This will show your all profiles and pages.

Facebook Profile drop down menu

4. Choose the page that you want to delete. Here I am choosing Styleshbio. Which is a dummy page.

Facebook PAge

5. Click on Menu. This will open your page menu.

Facebook Page Menu

6. Scroll down a little bit and click on Settings & Privacy.

7. From Setting & Privacy choose the “Settings” option.

Facebook Page settings and Privacy

8. Click on the Page settings.

Facebook  Page Kaise Delete Kare

9. Now scroll down a little bit and click on “Access and control”. If you are not able to find it you can use the top search bar to search it.

Facebook Page access control

10. Click on “deactivation and Deletion”.

Facebook Page delete kaise kare

11. I am deleting this page so I am choosing the Delete option. If you want to deactivate it for some time then you can choose Deactivate option. After choosing click on “Continue”.

How to delete Facebook Page

12. From the next interface choose any one reason for deleting your page. After that click on “Continue”.

choose reason for facebook page deletion

13. If you want to save your page data you can download or transfer it else, choose “continue”.

Facebook Page deleteion and data transfer

14. Enter your Facebook profile password. Which you use for Facebook login and click on “Continue”.

Facebook password

15. After that click on continue on the warning interface.

Facebook Page delete warning

16. Then Delete Page. After deleting you will be redirected to your home dashboard of your personal profile.

Facebook Page delete kaise kare? how to delete facebook page

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For Computer

To delete any Facebook Page from a desktop or laptop follow these simple steps.

1. Open Facebook in any browser and log in to your Facebook account.

Facebook Desktop version

2. Click on Account from the top right corner.

Facebook Profiles Menu

3. Choose “See all Profiles” from the account section.

Facebook Profiles and Pages

4. It will open all the profiles that are linked to your account. Choose the page that you want to delete from your profiles and pages list.

Facebook pages and profiles

5. After selecting your page It will open that page dashboard.

Facebook Page home Interface

6. Click on the page account from the top right corner.

Facebook Page Menu

7. Click on the Settings from Settings & Privacy option from the menu.

facebook page delete kaise kare?

8. Choose Privacy from the left pane.

Facebook page privacy pc version

9. Choose Facebook Page Information from the Privacy Menu.

10. Then you will find the option Deactivation and Deletion, click on it.

Facebook Page delete kaise kare?

11. Now you will get two options. To deactivate your page for some time choose Deactivate Page or if you want to delete the page then choose Delete Page. I am choosing the delete page because I want to delete this dummy page.

Facebook page deletion

12. If you want to download your Page activity you can download it after that click on Continue.

How to delete fb page on pc

13. Provide your password and click on continue. This password is your profile password which you usually use to log in to your Facebook account.

How to delete facebook page on pc

14. After clicking on continue Facebook will ask you for confirmation. Click on Confirm.

How to delete facebook page on pc

15. After clicking on confirm your Facebook Page will be Deleted and you will be redirected to your main profile.

Conclusion of Facebook Page Delete Kaise Kare?

Friends, I hope I am able to tell you the exact process of deleting any Facebook page and this post will help you to understand the process. If you want to delete any Facebook Page just follow the given steps according to your device. Deleting Facebook pages from mobile or computer is easy but sometimes we don’t get any solution on the internet for this. If you have any queries you can let us know in the comment box. We will definitely help you. I hope this Facebook Page Delete Kaise Kare (How to Delete Facebook Page) post is helpful for you. Thank You for reading.

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